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Mushroom dreams and Princess Pumpkin

I’m making an effort to be more connected to our food sources and recently visited the Canberra Farmers Markets to purchase some produce. I splurged and purchased some chestnut, enoki, king brown and shitake mushrooms from Gooda Creek Mushrooms which I used to cook Paul West’s Pappardelle and Mixed Mushrooms.

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What do you call that, darl? Sponge Cake

Whenever I think Sponge Cake, I think Darryl Kerrigan from the classic Australia movie, The Castle. “What do you call that, darl?” Darryl Kerrigan asks his wife, Sal. “Sponge Cake” she replies. “Beautiful,” Darryl says. It’s up there in the Castle quotes along with “Straight to the pool room!” 

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Pumpkin Lasagne

This week’s recipe share is courteousy of Georgia Harding’s website Well Nourished. A friend had posted a recipe of her’s last year and I have been enjoying trying some of […]