I Cooked That: Honest Cooking for Living is about sharing a bit of my cooking life with you. I love learning and communicating through media. I have more than 10 years professional experience working in journalism, communication and media. I’m blogging here on a new journey of learning about cooking, food, and sustainable living.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes but now I want to learn more about food production for the household. I want to live a life that understands and appreciates food and how it’s grown. I’m focused on cooking seasonal foods, making foods from scratch, learning more about kitchen gardens and growing fruit and vegetables. But I do like sweet things and celebrations too so I’ll be posting them too.

On my home page in the top right-hand corner you’ll find a drop down menu with the following categories: Celebration, From Scratch, Kitchen Garden, Mains, Salads and Sweet Things. Use these categories to find recipes to inspire your own cooking journey. On the home page you’ll find some tags that can help if you’re looking for a specific cooking idea (ie recipes with feta).

Enjoy cooking and learning about life.

See you in the kitchen!