Mascarpone and loganberry chocolate tart

Recently I’ve noticed a berry bush growing near the place I’m living at and on the weekend I picked a bunch of these berries. I thought they were blackberry fruiting couple of months earlier than usual. But my friend Susan tells me they are loganberries. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Food and Nutrition, the loganberry is a cross between a European raspberry and Californian … Continue reading Mascarpone and loganberry chocolate tart

Brunsli Chocolate Cookies

On this first day of December, a friend and I met to make some Christmas treats to gift to friends. We made two batches of Yotam Ottolenghi’s Brunsli Chocolate Cookies. These gluten and dairy-free treats are so simple to make and delicious to eat that we recommend trying them this Christmas. It is made using almond meal and has orange rind it it for that … Continue reading Brunsli Chocolate Cookies

South Coast Getaway: some foodie spots

On the weekend we had a getaway down to Pambula on the South Coast of New South Wales. It was our first time to Pambula and we enjoyed a few cafes and food spots along the way that I thought I’d share. Miss Heidi’s Tea House (Cooma) The quickest route to Pambula from Canberra is south through Cooma and over ‘Brown Mountain’ to Pambula. We … Continue reading South Coast Getaway: some foodie spots

Cooking in Marriage 101

Tomorrow, the 14th of April we’ll celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. The last year has been an adventure and it’s been wonderful to cook together. One of the best companions in the kitchen has been Karen Martini’s cookbook Everyday We have still yet to cook everything in this book but we’ve tried a lot. Our top three recipes we’ve cooked from this book are Curry … Continue reading Cooking in Marriage 101

A raspberry cake to enjoy with family

Last weekend Tim and I flew to Brisbane for the long weekend to visit my parents, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephews. We made some good memories that weekend playing games (the kids especially liked water balloon olympics and Tip-Toys-on-Tim), going to Little Athletics, swimming in the pool, watching Marie Kondo, backyard cricket, bush walks, cooking and eating some yummy food. I caught up with some … Continue reading A raspberry cake to enjoy with family